Monday, November 27, 2006

The voters' choice...

State elections happened last Saturday and once again, Labour Premier Steve Bracks is in power which I am very happy about. Steve Bracks is now in history as the longest serving Labour Premier in the state of Victoria. Hah! He kicked Ted Bailleau's (so-called "Hunk from Hawthorn" - puh-lease!!!) arse from here to Carrum! Bwahahaha!


Last night, the new Australian Idol was crowned and it was no other than Irishman Damien Leith. I am also happy about this. Jess is a wonderful singer but there are far too many belters out there for my liking. Irish crooners aside from Bono? Nuh-uh.

I downloaded Damien's new single and it is fantastic! I can't wait to get his CD when it comes out!

Whoopee!!! Go the Irish!

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