Monday, November 20, 2006

The weekend that's been...

This past weekend has left me completely tired yet satisfied. Last Saturday night, as mentioned in my previous post, Arnie and I went to see U2 at the Telstra Dome for the much awaited Australian leg of the Vertigo Tour. The concert originally was scheduled last year but because of unexpected familial circumstances, it had to be cancelled. With a wee bit of Irish luck, Arnie and I secured tickets on Friday morning and off we went to see the biggest band in the world!

From start to finish, it was a roller coaster ride filled with beautifully sang songs, political messages, and making people stand up against poverty. Bono is a very passionate man and he stands up for what he believes in. He is also a brilliant show man. Him, The Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen Jr. rocked the Telstra Dome off its hinges. Everyone was on their feet, stomping and dancing to their songs - even people who were in the reserved seating section!

They played the best of their songs - Vertigo, Elevation, One, With or Without You, Where The Streets Have No Name, Angel of Harlem, Desire, I Will Follow, Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own (which Bono sang in his father's funeral), City of Blinding Lights, and lots more.

Arnie was in heaven, to say the least. I guess to be able to see your most favourite band live is any one's aspiration. In my case, U2 is up there in my "favourite band" list. It was a spectacular show with an audience of diverse age groups but who are all fans of the band led by a man with such charisma that if he decided to run for "President of the World", he'd win without question.

We ended the night meeting up with some friends who also watched the concert. We went straight to an Irish pub in the city called Pugg Mahones - how quaint!


Yesterday, it was a day filled with a lot of Paella, Salsa, Churros, and Cuban cigars. Arnie and I went to the Latin American fiesta in Johnston Street, Fitzroy. Spanish and Portuguese flowed freely, with people pigging out on something as simple as fairy floss or something more exotic as chorizo in a bun. I actually had the former and was jumping out of my skin because of the sugar. People were dancing in the streets to lovely Brazilian music and there was a lot of "eye-balling" between singles. I have to admit that Latinas have such beautiful skins and bodies (I am so glad that a lot of Filipinos are of Spanish decent).

I did a bit of shopping and got a nice knitted bag from the Jamaican stall and a beaded bracelet from a lovely Argentinian lady. Arnie got a couple of Peruvian whistles. We also bought some classic Spanish hot chocolate and some churros. Yummy!


The Sassy Melbournite recommends...

Chocolateria San Churro - located at 277b Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

For all your chocolate needs. Filipinos would love their hot chocolate - similar to what we are so used to having back home during New Year's Eve! Their churros dipped in melted chocolate are to die for! For cold drink lovers, I especially recommend the White Chocolate & Berry - far less sweeter than Max Brenner's Strawberry White Chocolate Float.

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jase said...

oh, i did not know about the Latin American festival! that must be real fun!