Saturday, July 30, 2005

Billy Corgan - The Future Embrace Tour

Last Tuesday, July 26, my good friend Mig and I went to Billy Corgan's first ever solo tour in Australia - The Future Embrace Tour. The venue was at the Palais Theatre, located at the heart of St. Kilda, one of the hippest suburbs by the beach in Melbourne.

Needless to say, the show was awesome. I only know three of Billy's solo songs but the show was still quite enjoyable. The first few songs was a bit awkward since the Palais is a sitted venue and no one is willing to get up and get rowdy. Finally, after 5 songs the audience decided to get up and get loud. I was very happy about this.

Billy's band was awesome. They are called "The Fellowship of Broken Toys, comprising of Billy (obviously!), Matt Walker, Brian Liesegang, and Linda Strawberry (such a cool chick).

Their sound has a strong electronica influence, infused with that Pumpkins sound. It was a fantastic set, all songs coming from Billy's album. They did not play any Pumpkins songs much to the disappointment of a lot of people. I personally did not mind it so much. It was still Billy anyway.

The show ended in a rather awkward note when some idiotic mole asked Billy at the end of the show when he decided to talk to the audience if the Pumpkins are getting back together. I thought that was an inappropriate and stupid question. Billy left, waving to the audience, and turned his back.

Wow, that moment was so awkward for everyone!

Mig and I went to the side entrance to meet Billy, possibly even get to touch him/talk to him. Being the short arse that I am, I wasn't so lucky. Mig, the lucky bastard, was able to touch Billy's hand! Argh!!!!

Oh well, good for him!

Here are some photos I would like to share with you guys of that wonderful night. Enjoy!

If you want to listen to Billy's songs, check out his blog (yes, he has his own blog folks!)

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