Friday, July 01, 2005

Live 8

You may have noticed the addition to my blog template - the Make Poverty History white band. In today's world, we have a chance to be the first generation to be able to put a stop to poverty and hunger. In July 6, the G8 convention wherein the 8 leaders of the richest nations in the world will gather in Scotland. They have the power to put a stop to the needless death of 30,000 children a day because of poverty.

Sir Bob Geldoff, the person behind Live Aid (was originally formed for the famine relief in Ethiopia), is in full force communicating to the world the need to help this brilliant cause. Ten concerts, 100 artists, ten different countries... all united for one cause.

Live 8 starts tomorrow. If you are able to watch or even listen to it on the radio, please do so. Grab a white band and show your support. Let us take some time off our comfortable lives and help a little. Take part of this once in a lifetime show - in Sir Bob's words, "the greatest concert ever."


vayie said...

And to think, he's just singing...

"Tell me why, I don't like Mondays..."

Anonymous said...

coz i had a bad day,..