Saturday, July 23, 2005

Money issues...

I just came home from:

a. an appointment with my accountant. I got my tax return done and I have received a surprisingly hefty amount of money for my claim! Yay!

b. spending money by shopping, shopping, shopping! Well, not a lot anyway. I got myself a nice pink knit jumper, an iPod mini armband (to make listening to music while working out easy), food items from the Filipino grocery at the market, hair products, and medicine (for migraine and female problems :p).

I love payday. On top of that, I also received the company's reimbursement for my university fees. I paid the bills, car registration, insurance...

Tomorrow, I want to go to the city to decide if I'm going to get that cute pair of shoes from Steve Madden or that pair from Nine West...

Ah, decisions, decisions...


It's funny how old I feel now. Rewind back a few years, I would have spent the extra money on things I don't really need and I wouldn't have given the bills that needed paying a second thought. Now, I actually paid all my bills FIRST before I bought stuff for myself. Probably the only thing amongst the stuff I bought that could be a luxury item is the pink jumper. Everything else I really needed. Well, I guess if I decide to buy the shoes tomorrow that would be the other.
I have been planning since last month to buy a Burberry bag and wallet. Now that I have the money to pay for it, I couldn't be bothered. In the back of my head, I know that I don't really need it at the moment. Probably later on when I don't have any bills to pay (which is impossible - there is ALWAYS bills to pay).

Money is such an excellent thing when you're younger. When you're older, it sucks big time. So many issues... was it Notorious BIG that said "Mo' money, mo' problems?" Well, he's right.


~*galenlondeien*~ said...

but it wouldn't hurt to have a little extra cash right? it's better to be bothered by decisions than not having an option at all. *wink* :p

anyways, i have to agree that when most people mature, they learn to sort out their priorities, especially when it comes to money earning and spending. most, but not all. :)

ali potter said...

reading this entry...i cant help but think of rebecca bloomwood (from the shopaholic series book) seems like you have the same personality when it comes to shopping! have you read it?! i love her!
i see you love harry potter too...i love him too!
nice one you got here!

Jennie said...

galenlondeien: I agree that only "most" people mature and get very smart with the way they spend money. I know someone who has so much debt and couldn't pay for anything!

ali potter: Hi! Thanks for visiting! I heard about the shopaholic series and a few friends did mention to me that a particular character is somewhat similar to myself. I'll definitely check it out!

Harry Potter happens to be one of my obsessions (aside from shopping that is :p)

Cabbie said...

To whoever said "Mo money Mo problems," I'd be glad to help him out and take all his money aways so that he wont have any problems. :)

Think about it, you'd have more problems too if you have no money. In that light, I rather have my wads of cash thank you!