Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Rialto Run-Up

Tomorrow will be the test of my physical fitness and endurance. Four of us from my company have signed up for the annual Rialto Run-Up. This event takes place at the Rialto Tower, the tallest building in Melbourne. The Run-up is basically a competition of who makes it first to the top floor, on foot, all 1254 steps of it!

I know, I'm insane!

I guess I just want to gauge how fit I have become these past two years of religiously working out.

Wish me luck!


Kiko said...

Wow, $30 au for that event beats the shit out of a trip to the gym!

I'm guessing you'll place yourself in the top 100. =)

Good luck.

Cabbie said...

Imagine after that you'd might even develop Japanese schoolgirl calves. Oh yeah baby.

Jennie said...

Cabbie: Haha, you filthy horny bugger :p