Sunday, July 03, 2005

I salute you Sir Bob!

How I wish I was in London, that I was one of the people to have had the once in a lifetime opportunity to have watched Live 8.

Australia's Channel 9 is doing an exclusive coverage of the concert and I'm currently watching it. I have heard the highlights on the radio all day today. Pink Floyd is now playing, reunited for this time, for this cause, playing "Wish You Were Here." It just sends chills down my spine!

My respect for Sir Bob has grown triple fold. He is the best man for the job. To have been so moved back in the day when the famine in Ethiopia was at its peak, to endeavour gathering the biggest UK artists in the 80's to keep aside differences (especially in the case of Simon Le Bon and Boy George) and produce the daggiest Christman song ever made, and to make sure that every cent goes to the famine relief, is a job made for somebody with conviction, conscience, and most importantly, a heart.

It was a great day for music and for the poverty stricken people in need of help from the world's richest. If Bill Gates could easily part with a few billions, the G8 could surely do something!

Regardless of what other people say, Sir Bob, you are a hero in my eyes. I am sure that this generation can be great and contribute to the end of poverty.

I salute you!

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