Wednesday, September 13, 2006


My blog readers and friends alike would agree on one thing about me: I love fashion. Regardless of my self-imposed "restraining order", I still can't help myself and buy that cute skirt or top from Cue - just happens that they have a cute item out every damn week! I walk into Ralph Lauren just in case there is a sale, which just so happens it was last Saturday - I bought a nice sweater. I go into Nine West every week to see if they have any styles that I like available. I could walk around David Jones all day and rest my tired feet in the Food Hall and have a nice strawberry yoghurt for a snack.

With Spring being here, the Spring Fashion Festival has arrived as well. A couple of weeks ago, a swimwear designer decided on not using rail-thin models to display her designs and rather used real women of all shapes and sizes during a show. Fair enough. In her opinion, it's not the models who will be wearing her swimwear, it will the everyday folk - you and me.

Good on her!

Then this morning, an article from The Age finds the world's first ban on overly thin models at a top level fashion show in Madrid. Of course, the ban has caused an outrage among modelling agencies who recruit only those who have the "waif and heroin-chick look."

Regardless of what people think, I embrace this idea 100%. Please, how many people in the street do you see in size 6 outfits unless you're 13 years old? I have heard of people who take diet pills so that they can lose weight fast without the pain of doing exercise. Hogwash. All you end of doing is getting addicted to the damn pills and getting all weak. I am a big fan of the "no pain, no gain" philosophy. I work out four times a week at the moment. Monday night I meet up with my personal trainer and go through a tough training session. Tuesday night I go to my Pilates class. Wednesday night I take Spin classes. Saturday, you'll find me either running along Beach Road or swimming if it's not too cold. I have maintained a healthy size 10-12 and I am well within my BMI (body mass index). I am rather strong and have an enormous amount of energy. I enjoy eating the food I want without having to worry constantly about my calorie intake (unless it's Krispy Kreme donuts... hahaha :p).

Using very thin models in advertising, magazines, and fashion shows can be very damaging to an impressionable teen who is starting to tackle the issue of body image. This is the stage of a person's life when they are so vulnerable and susceptible to suggestion, even if it's not blatantly obvious.

This whole concept of "thin is beautiful" is a load of rubbish. In my opinion, "health is wealth." Being healthy is all that matters and that's that.


~*galenlondeien*~ said...

In my opinion, "health is wealth." Being healthy is all that matters and that's that.

I couldn't have said it better. This is very true. When I get sick, the world stops revolving. I can't work and can't have fun; plus imagine the holes in my pockets!

Jaz said...

nowadays, media certainly exacerbates notions like those that you've mentioned. and it's really a sad thought that a lot of peeps are constantly being brainwashed with all those crappy 'thin=beautiful' campaigns.

i think that Madrid incident is one big step to correcting those distorted views of beauty =)

Jerome aka Bridget Jones said...

it's a shame that the anorexics have returned with paris hilton, nicole ritchie and lindsay lohan who seem to be advocating the "beautifully-thin" philosophy. i've been following fashion and efforts of the voluptuous and athletic girls like destiny's child, pink, christina aguilera, and britney spears (at least the last two are sporting defined, athletic body structures and not bones) go to waste. tsk.

(cue music: i am matter what they say...)

have a nice day, jen! (butterfly kisses to you, mare)

R*Y A N said...

hiya jennie,

thanks for your comment on my blog. really appreciated them.

i've popped you on my blog buddies list.


Jayce Cortez Jacinto said...

Really loving your recent posts, Jennie! Sorry if I've been scarce (and if my posts have been so stodgy lately, haha!) but don'tcha worry. I always make sure that I get my regular dose of "Melbournite"!


Jennie said...

Karen: Nothing like a bout of sickness to make us feel useless and miserable...

Jaz: I do hope that the whole of the fashion world follows Madrid's brave example.

Jerome: The athletic and fit look is certainly not as easy to attain than the starve-yourself-thin look. I think it's just sheer laziness.

Ryan: Thanks for visiting! Really love your blog.

Jayce: Ah, my dear... you're back! Looking forward to your regualr updates :)

jase said...

Health is a fashion statement! It is about looking good whether you are skinny or on the chubby side.

I think Jennie, you got it right there :) Cheers.

Jennie said...

Jase: Correct-amundo! Being healthy is the most important. Have a great weekend!