Thursday, September 21, 2006

The top five series part 2

As promised, here is the second of the series, featuring my favourite British men.

Ah, Brits... or Poms as we Aussies call them :)

What's to love? Is it the posh accents? The devil-may-care attitude? Or the impeccable grammar? Don't know. All I know is that some of them are quite gorgeous. I wouldn't mind if they talk to me all day and I would just be content to listen and nod... hehehe

So, without further ado, here is my...


Number 5 - Patrick Stewart

Captain Jean-Luc Picard - the man who has "boldly gone where no one has gone before." This man is already in his 60's and he still quite fit. He is a highly trained Shakespearean actor thus the impeccable diction and accentuation. I find him very good-looking, extremely charming, and multi-faceted. He can be a villain( in Conspiracy Theory), he can be a hero (in X-Men), and he can be gay (in Jeffrey). He is very much the British gentleman.

Number 4 - Michael Parkinson

I respect the man. I enjoy watching his show every Saturday on the ABC. His interviews with people are fun to watch, even that absolutely painful one that he did with Meg Ryan (I felt so bad for him then). He has a great sense of humour, as seen in Star Portraits with Rolf Harris and his brief cameo in Love Actually. He is a British television icon and a gentleman.

Number 3 - Orlando Bloom

Okay, I can't help myself. I loved him in Lord of the Rings as Legolas. Heck, I think I just have a thing for gorgeous elves in general. Hahaha. But he is gorgeous. He was even more gorgeous in Pirates of the Caribbean. Him and Johnny Depp in that movie, oh dear, I thought I was going to have a heart attack!

Anyway, he is an absolute sweetheart. He looks like fun, he does not take himself too seriously, and (have I said this enough times?) just gorgeous.

Number 2 - Daniel Radcliffe

I know, he's only 17 - so sue me! But I ain't blind. Daniel is a good looking boy and will only grow up to be a really handsome man! I made no secret of the fact that I am a mad Harry Potter fan and have watched this kid grow up. I even saw his first ever big role in David Copperfield. He was such a cute kid then. I also saw him in Pierce Brosnan's film Tailor of Panama.

If ever Daniel decides to have an older woman, I'm available! I'm only 11 years older than he is. Hahahaha!

Number 1 - Colin Firth

Oh, Mr. Darcy (stares dreamily into space).

My favourite lines uttered by this man:

"I like you just as you are."

"Alone again, naturally."

I guess I don't have to say much about this bloke. Just go and watch Bridget Jones' Diary, Love Actually, Importance of Being Earnest, and BBC's Pride and Prejudice. That says a lot. Cool, stand-offish, arrogant, intelligent, and just plain sexxxxxxy!!!

Next in the series: Top five Scottish Men

(seems like I'm going around the world, aren't I? hahaha!)


Jaz said...

I totally dig your selections! Love 'em all! And yep, same here, I go gaga over Orlando & Colin! And if Daniel's just a little bit older, I might go for him as well (not letting you hog him all to yourself!) =P

R*Y A N said...

hmmm yes, daniel radcliffe. *shudder* i feel dirty all of a sudden. LOL.

i'm liking your lists jennie. nice work.

jase said...

hmmmm yes, Colin Firth, any day baby !!!

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

I have always loved (most) British men. Maybe it's because of the accent. Maybe it's because of their gentlemanly behavior. Maybe they're just gorgeous. I agree with your top 5. Maybe next time, you make a top 5 for Filipinos as well. ;)