Friday, September 15, 2006

The top five series part 1

This may be out of sheer vanity or the fact that people actually want to know stuff about me (right!). So, I have decided to start the "top five series." These refer to my favourites in any given category.

So, without further ado, the first part of the top five series refers to my...


Girls, enjoy!

Number 5... Tom Hanks

Tom isn't as good looking as other Hollywood hunks, but what he may lack in looks he makes up for his exceptional acting talent. Regardless of what people say (and I agree Tom being casted as Robert Langdon was a mistake), he made the most memorable films in the 20th century - Philadelphia, The Green Mile, and Forrest Gump. His roles in Big, You've Got Mail, and Splash endeared him to me.

Besides, better to choose this Tom than the other Tom, right? Hehehe.

Number 4... Michael J. Fox

I know, he was born in Canada but I decided to include him in this list anyway. Where do I start with this bloke? Teen Wolf was my first favourite movie. I have always loved that look of his - the look of a clueless and utterly lost teenager :p

I loved Back to the Future. I loved The Frighteners. I enjoyed Spin City immensely. When he announced that he was suffering from young-onset Parkinson's disease in 1998 (7 years after he was diagnosed), he earned the utmost respect of his peers and fans around the globe. His autobiography, Lucky Man, is a joy to read and is one of my all time non-fiction books. I hope his foundation would help in finding the cure for Parkinson's.

Number 3... Gale Harold

This hunk-o-spunk became popular because of the television series Queer As Folk. Given that this was the North American version of the popular two-season original British series, the fact that they chose Gale to play the role of Brian Kenney was genius to say the least. He made women swoon even if he played a gay role. As Brian, he plays a lusty, larger than life, unashamedly gay man who picks up whenever and wherever. I will always remember his ever famous line - "I don't believe in love, I believe in fucking." I will always remember Brian as the man whom, regardless of his untiring adage of not believing in the elusive L-word, actually fell for an 18-year old beautiful boy named Justin. I fell in love with Gale because of his characterization of a tough yet softy man.

Number 2... Johnny Depp

This guy just exudes cool without even trying. How hot is this bloke? Even with the ugly teeth and the unwashed look of a pirate, women still wet their pants looking at him. Why? Because he's just sexy.

How cute was he in 21 Jumpstreet? Even in Cry Baby? But the clincher for me was Edward Scissorhands - that made me a fan for life!

I always enjoyed his films - From Hell (which I thought was brilliant), Finding Neverland (loved the Irish accent), Fear and Loathing Las Vegas, and of course, Don Juan de Marco.

And my Number 1 man is... (drum roll please)

David Duchovny

I am an X-phile, so this is quite an obvious choice isn't it? It was his role as Fox Mulder that made me love him so much. A sexy, intelligent, highly educated geek - how cool is that? How did Scully ever keep her hands to herself? My God! If I were in her shoes, I would have tried to land Mulder a week into our partnership!

People may not know that in real life, David is a very educated man. He earned an undergraduate degree in Princeton University and went on to earn a Masters degree in English Literature at Yale. He was already half-way in his doctorate studies when he quit and became an actor.

For more David eye-candy, I suggest you watch his episodes in the Red Shoe Diaries... hubba, hubba!

David is the epitome of a sexy, hunky, absolutely f*ckable geek :)

Next in the series: Top Five British Men

Have a wonderful weekend, folks!


Jerome aka Bridget Jones said...

hi, jen! syempre my top 1 is my husband. charoooos!!! hahaha! huy, i would like to invite you to visit his blog. he made this video of us, and it made me cry the entire afternoon, mare...

haaay, winner talaga...

Jennie said...

Bridget, saw the video and it is so sweet! Happy anniversary, sistergal :)

Jerome aka Bridget Jones said...

thanks, gurl. at syempre love ko din ang david duchovny and gale harold. absolutely f*ckable...


R*Y A N said...

gale harold, pogi mo!!!

big fan since the days of queer as folk.

jase said...

I have a feel for David D as well - he has that sad dog eyes i like.

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

Johnny Depp-- RAWR!!!