Monday, August 01, 2005

Interpol - The Australian Tour

The day after the Billy Corgan gig that my friend Mig and I saw, my partner Arnie and I went to the Metro Nightclub to catch the Interpol gig. As much as I enjoyed the Billy gig the previous night, the Interpol gig by far was the best live show I have ever seen in the past few years.

For one, the venue was so much more relaxed. Smoking and drinking is allowed. People could move around more, get closer to the band to watch if they wanted. Arnie and I opted to take the unobstructed balcony view. It was perfect, only that we didn't get to see Sam Fogarino (the drummer) that well. We had an excellent view of Paul, Daniel, and Arnie's fave, Carlos D.

As soon as Paul walked out and the lights went on, I saw how blue his eyes are and I was mesmerized. Then, the first few notes of "Next Exit" played and the whole place just roared. Interpol fans are so fun to watch, everybody was so involved, singing and dancing along.

This is the complete set list of that night:

Next Exit
Say Hello To The Angels
Length Of Love
Not Even Jail
Hands Away
Slow Hands
Public Pervert
Take You On A Cruise

Untitled (NYC crossed out originally)
Obstacle 1

The most memorable moment for me was when they played "PDA". I actually teared up, probably partly because of the smoky venue, but it was best feeling I've ever felt. When Paul was just playing the last few rifts of the song, he lit a cigarette, took in the audience and the venue, clearly enjoying himself.

Paul summarized the whole atmosphere of the show by saying, "You guys are fucking awesome, thank you."

No, thank you Paul. I hope you and the boys come back very soon.

Here are some pictures I took that night. Enjoy!

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