Thursday, August 18, 2005

Best friend update!

Got a text message from best friend Dave. He's arriving in Melbourne on the 30th of August and leaving for Sydney on the morning of the 3rd of September.

It's such a short time! Damn!

Oh well, no matter. At least I'll be seeing him again after all these years...

Here are the text messages exchanged between us yesterday:

Dave: (to Mig and I) hey guys, were arrvng n melb0urne n tuesday aug 30 ar0und 1-2 pm then leavng satrdy m0rning 4 sydney. We'll b stayng at the darling towers in collins st.

Me: Hey dave. U want me to pick u guys up?

Dave: Hmm lets see, il ask my aunt muna if she made arrangements. txt u back by tmrw btw, 1st m0onthsary namin tmrw (referring to gf)

Me: Congrats :p mig and i are so excited to see you na!

Dave: Yeah, 4 the first tme in years c0mplete tay0ng 3 wish nga na i c0uld stay with u guys l0nger bt il try my best n0t to sleep sa 4 days na y0n haha

Me: We won't make u sleep! So much to do in so little time!

Dave: Haha yeah, we'll sit n a circle and slap each0thr awake wen we see one ab0ut to d0ze off m exctd na!

Me: Oh btw, if it's not much of a hassle can you buy a couple of vcds 4 me? Bagets1 and 2. I'll pay you when u get here

Dave: Hahaha jennie u read my mind! Was jst abt to txt u na if u wanted anythng frm manila pls txt miguel too 4 wat he wants pls? I have a few hrs today nd n sunday to shop 4 stuff esp winter gear. Hve thick jacket and gloves na. B0nnet nalang and probably thermal underware haha that enuf to keep me warm kaya?

Me: Wow! You'll be all ready! Haha! Let's hope that the weather gets warmer by d time u get here. Thx bud! U think u find the vcds? Baduy ko no? Haha!

Dave: Haha no c0ment il try my best to find th0se old vcds wish me luck...

... and there...

This shows who is more text proficient between us, huh? Hahaha!

I can't contain my excitement! I get to take a few days off work as well! Yay! I love my boss!


Cabbie said...

Its okay for Dave that you post your private conversation on a public website? :)

Jennie said...

As long as we're talking dirty then it's okay :)

kat said...

Excited na ako for you guys. Hehehe.

Wait, is "Mig" Miguel Palma?

Jennie said...

Kat: Yes, one and the same :D

kat said...

Ayos! Reunion nga! Hehehe.