Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Tea Too, the place to be...

... for all your tea needs! (I sound like a bad ad campaign!)

photo from shoppingsecret

Tea Too (aka T2) is one of those shops that just grows on you whether or not you're a big tea drinker. I love my tea and this happens to be one of my favourite shops. They have everything tea related - from tea cups, pots, strainers, perculators, and of course, over 200 different varieties of tea! They even have a few pots of different kinds of tea available for the consumer who wants to have a little taste before they decide to buy anything.

photo from shoppingsecret

Being the Chai addict that I am, I went and got myself a 500 gram pack of chai loose leaf tea. I actually had a taste of T2 chai in a restaurant that my friend and I went to in Acland Street, St. Kilda on the night of the Billy Corgan gig. It is by far the best Chai Tea Latte I have ever tasted! Move over Starbucks... I have no use for you anymore! ^_^

I've been happily drinking my chai religiously every night, brewing it in a teapot, pouring it into a huge mug with steamed milk, honey, and cinnamon powder on top. Yum!!!

I also got:

- a 250 gram pack of the Turkish Apple Tisane. It's made up of ground apple and sugar. It's an excellent drink hot or cold.
- a 250 gram pack of English Breakfast black tea. It's the perfect pick-me-up in the morning!
- a 250 gram pack of Sencha Imperial green tea. I am a big fan of green tea in general, but this is the best I have tasted by far.

I am actually running out of chai so I would have to make a mad dash and get a bigger pack this time.


Gloss Girl said...

Sounds yummy! Am drooling just reading it! :)

Cabbie said...

Wow! I love tea, and I drink it by the gallons. This place is heaven for me!

Kiko said...

I wish I could visit that place someday. It's one of those places that I would feel okay dying in. =P

shivanataraj said...

aww i just got back from a visit to my cousins' in melbourne and they brought me to a tea plc tt sounds like the one tt u're talking u... ITS CRAZY!!! awwww i so miss melbourne... looking at the pic u hav brought back so much memories... i mean like hullo la.. perth dun even hav starbucks... let alone... sigh