Saturday, August 27, 2005

MLIM Special - Chocolate Indulgence

This is the first installment of the MLIM Special... featuring the best afternoon tea hangouts in Melbourne!

** afternoon tea means merienda**

It was a beautiful Saturday today. It was a mild 21 degrees and people came out from hibernation (because of the freaky cold weather in the past few weeks). Arnie and I went to the city for a few hours to do some stuff, shop around, browse, etc.

After having a light lunch of Kaisen Ramen and Katsudon at Menya Japanese Restaurant and walking around the city, we decided to park ourselves at a place called Koko Black Chocolate.

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Koko Black is located in the Royal Arcade at Bourke Street Mall. It's a licensed Belgian Chocolate lounge that serves... you guessed it... wonderful and delicious Belgian chocolate! The place is located in the heart of the city in one of the most beautiful architectural designed buildings that Melbourne seems to have an abundance of. The building itself is a heritage estate and is protected from property sharks (i.e. no enhancement/so-called improvements unless Heritage Victoria gives the go-ahead).

Arnie and I ordered the Belgian Spoil, consisting of 2 praline belgian chocolates, a shortbread, chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, and dark chocolate mousse.

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It was a very indulgent treat, which we chose to match with a long black coffee (Arnie) and a small pot of English Breakfast Tea (for me).

I highly recommend Koko Black to chocolate enthusiasts and connoisseurs. It's a place where you can buy pralines for $1.40 a piece or go for truffles that sell for $89 a kilo. Looking at the set up, the quality, and the extra care that the staff of Koko Black goes through to ensure the fine quality and excellent reputation it has as one of the "must-go" sites in the "Chocolate Tours of Melbourne" (yes, there is such a thing! Click here), it's justifiable.

5 out of 5 yums!


Kiko said...


Just reading the post makes me crave for chocolate already!

I'm going to love that place! Hope they set up here, hehehe

kat said...

Closest thing to that here is Max Brenner's. Wah! Chocolate!!!