Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Best mate visit 2005

I have been meaning to post this for awhile but I have to catch up on some much needed zees... much of last week I have spent being up until the wee hours of the morning and living on only 2 hours sleep to rest my tired body.

But as my friend Mig and I have said, it was worth it. It's not everyday that David comes to visit, or the fact that we haven't been together - all three of us - since I have decided to migrate to Australia back in 2000. Mig followed soon after, and David was left back in Manila.

From Tuesday night (30 Aug) till Friday night (2 Sept) , we spent most of our waking hours together - chatting, walking around, drinking, and basically just fooling around and catching up and reminiscing. It was the most fun I have spent with mates in years.

David left for Sydney last Saturday (3 Sept) and I miss him. I have told him about my wedding plans and he promised to be there. Below are some pictures we took during his time here. Click here to view more pictures. Enjoy!


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