Friday, September 16, 2005

Confessions of a shopaholic part 2

STOOOOPID! That's what I am! I bought that beautiful Morrisey shirt dress regardless of it fitting me like I'm some shapeless, short, blimp! ARGH!

Went to David Jones yesterday and saw a beautiful Marcs black shirt dress... same style as the Morrissey shirt dress only in a different fabric. I went into the fitting rooms and tried it on. It felt and looked like it was tailored! The fit was spectacular and all the right curves and bumps are showing!

Now, I would have to go back to Morrissey in Melbourne Central and return that pricey purchase I made. Here's hoping that they give refunds! >cross fingers<


kat said...

I tried to convert how much you spent in Pesos. I stopped halfway because it made me cringe. Hehe. Scary.

Jaz said...

crossing my fingers for ya :)