Monday, September 26, 2005

Engagement hysteria...

... well, not so much hysteria, but there's just so much to do in so little time.

Arnie and I have finally set a date for the engagement party. We have already booked the venue. Now, I have to prepare the invitations and send it all out this week. I have to get the actual number of people who are going around a week before the event, which is the 22nd of October.

I also have to scour for a good hotel to book for the night. There is no way in the world that we would be able to walk around after getting absolutely plastered, let alone drive afterwards!

Arnie and I also have to finalise what drinks, food, music, and decors we will have for the night. Food and drinks would be dependent on how many people will be turning up, thus the RSVP is so important.

To top this off, I have my final exams a week before and an end-user instructional program the week after the event! Yikes!!!

Already suffering a pre-nervous breakdown here... HELP!!!


Anonymous said...

wow! how romantic evening for that occassions and a big engagement celebrations!! - --- you are so lucky to have arnie,. wishing you all the best eventhough im not invited. ngeek!
so, on that big night you will tell the story in front of all your visitors.. HOW and WHERE you met arnie. paano nga ba mo sya na meet??? huuhhh,. dont worry it will not be in the tabloin tomorrow.. heheheee

Jayce Cortez Jacinto said...

hey, hey! congratulations! i can't help but smile, since I can almost sense, feel, see how much you're happy right now. ain't love grand? :c)

vayie said...


And Congrats in advance!

Kiko said...

So happy for both of ya. Live long and propser.

Jaz said...

That's great news, Jennie...I mean the engagement, not the hysteria ha =)

All the best to you and your soon to be hubs!