Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The so-called "Jologs" in me...

"Jologs" is this word that I have often come across from reading blogs written by Filipinos living in the Philippines. I have also read some of those Friendster bulletins reiterating that the self-proclaimed "conos" loathe the yucky "jologs".

Having witnessed this phenomenon first hand when it started out in the 90s (and back then "jologs" wasn't the term used), I was very interested in this resurgence of blatant name-calling. I was neither a cono or a jolog. I refuse to categorize myself as one or the other. Besides, who are we to know if a person is one or the other unless we are one of them right?

While I was googling the word "jologs" I came across this article written for the UP Publications Online titled Revenge of the "Jologs". This article offers a very in-depth explanation as to what the whole "jolog" phenomenon is all about.

Now, following this article's description, I would have to say that I am part "jolog". "Pank ees nat ded" is something that I would agree on definitely, being a big punk fan myself :p. I was called "jologs" for my love of old Filipino films. I got teased mercilessly for asking my friend Dave to buy me the Bagets 1 and Bagets 2 vcds when he came over. I like heaps of Filipino bands, especially UP-produced Yano ("Tsinelas" and "SM" being all time favourites).

Now, I would also admit that I am also part "cono". I cannot escape this fact since I have studied in rather "cono" schools according to most people. I like my designer clothes. I like eating out in really nice places. English is something that just comes out naturally, although I don't speak in that irritating "Ooooohhhhhh mmmmmmyyyyyyy gooooosssssshhhhhhh, ggggrrrrraaaaabbbbbeeee, suuuuuppppeeerrrrr" dribble... ergh! Biggest pet peeve!

So, why in the world are Filipinos so hell bent in categorizing people as either "jologs" or "cono"? Even bleedin' "Pinoy Big Brother" has divided the house into these two groups, thus creating more hostility and less undertanding between these people! Isn't the huge economic gap enough that we even have to resort to calling people names to make a point? Does a person deserve to be called names just because they like watching soap operas or have an outdated mobile phone? Honestly!

"Cono" or "Jologs"... mate, in the real world shit like that don't mean squat. If you really are hell bent in becoming a better person, be who you really are and everything will fall into place.


~*galenlondeien*~ said...

AMEN to that last paragraph! Way to go, girl! =)

Jaz said...

you're absolutely right, dapat magpakatotoo tayo! =)

Kiko said...

Just what I'd expect to hear from ya on this topic. I actually went to read that link you posted. Man, the lengths people go to just to be hip. And good god, that term is from "Jolina" pala, *yuck* hahaha

kat said...

Coming from the same school, I share your sentiments. We really can't help but be both.

But you know what's funny? Alot of those you might call conio (based on that article & the pre-conceived notion of that) consider themselves a little bit jologs too.

vayie said...

I can say that I am more of a Jologs than a Coño. Sometimes I don't know which of the two is worse than the other. As much as possible, I wouldn't want to be tagged at all.

But tell me now, what's wrong with Bagets? =P

Jennie said...

Karen: Thanks :)

Jaz: Definitely. Be true to one's self!

Kiko: Hahaha! Jolina, kadiri ba? :p

Kat: Agree. I think the people who are really cono believe they are a bit jologs too. It's the ones who tag themselves as cono who are so dead set against the jologs. In short, poser-conos... innit?

Vayie: Hahaha! Nothing wrong with Bagets in my opinion. It's one of my most favourite Filipino films of all time! ^_^