Thursday, September 15, 2005

Confessions of a Shopaholic part 1

I have decided to have an on-going "series" if you will aside from the MLIM specials. I guess my readers and frequent blog visitors would know by now that I am a shopaholic. I have tried reforming myself of my impulsiveness when it comes to purchasing things, but to no avail. I have resigned myself to the fact that I love shopping and that I will just embrace this fact... so long as I don't go overboard.

These past two weeks have been an absolute nightmare on my budget. With David visiting and us going out a lot and the huge shopping spree I did over the weekend, it left a big dent on my account! As in, a HUGE dent! As in, over $3000!!! ACK!!!

(conversion rate is AU$1 = P42)

Here's what I spent:

1. Going out with Dave and Migs for 3 days ($250)
2. Lacoste top ($110)
3. Dangerfield cut-off pants ($68)
4. Saba italian yarn cardigan ($195)
5. Two Marcs polo shirts for Arnie ($99) - sale item!
6. Saba Crushed peasant skirt ($225)
7. Saba hipster leather belt ($125)
8. Saba black Cami ($65)
9. Nova pink ballet shoes ($40) - had to buy these because my feet were hurting in those damn heels!
10. Mum's birthday dinner ($50) - shared the bill with Arnie
11. Morrissey leather hand bag ($190)
12. Tag Heuer watch for Arnie's anniversary present... shhhhh!!!! ($1400)
13. Ella Bache facial care products ($125)
14. Clinique lip liner ($40)
15. Clinique concealer ($40)
16. Morrissey black dress ($199)

... Oh my God! That's so much shopping in two weeks! ARGH!

At least I'll get a lot of use out of these items anyway. I'll just have to refrain from shopping for the next month or so... if I'm strong enough :p


Kiko said...

Oh mahgod, a skirt is more expensive than a hand-bag??!

And.. "pink ballet shoes"? ^_o

Ok, ok, spill it - what did you eat? =D

Jennie said...

Hahaha Kiko... I know it is a bit over the top, huh? Once I'm bitten by the shopping bug, there's no stopping me! ^_^

vayie said...

Lula naman ako du'n! I'm unconsciously doing the Math now. Ü