Thursday, January 26, 2006

G'day mate!

How I love Google! On January 26, they decorated their homepage with a couple of kangaroos holding the Australian Flag. Today is Australia Day - a fabulous holiday wherein us Aussies celebrate the birth of the country lovingly known as the Land Down Under.

The temperature averaged around the 35 degree mark - too hot to spend the day in the house doing nothing, too hot to arrange a barbeque party with friends and family. So, in true Aussie style, Arnie and I spent Australia Day the best way we know how.

We went to the beach.

The fantastic thing about living in a city like Melbourne is that you are not short of beaches. The particular beach we went to , Black Rock, is about 15 minutes away from my work. The water was so refreshing, the heat suddenly became tolerable. A lot of people had the same idea and around 11 am, the beach was packed. Armed with sunscreen, towels, and heaps of drink, the beach was such an enjoyable experience.

So to everyone, let me extend a "G'day" and hope you're having a great Thursday!

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