Tuesday, January 17, 2006

TV bliss...

Just been bogged down by so much TV and TV series boxsets lately...


My friend Emilly gave me the boxset of the first season of the new Doctor Who. I have been watching, re-watching, and mostly enjoying the series. I haven't been the biggest fan of the series purely because of it's poor special effects and stuff in the past. I do admit that the writers were good and the stories were albeit interesting.

The ninth Doctor was fascinating. Christopher Eccleston was a brilliant doctor - very funny, witty, and sarcastic if needed be. The stories are excellent, the special effects more so. There were a lot of on-location shots that shows off the beauty of London.

Last night, I just finished downloading the "Christmas Invasion", the Doctor Who Christmas special which was shown in Britain on the 25th of December 2005. It wasn't shown on the ABC channel here in Australia yet, or it might have been but I just missed it. On this episode, the ninth doctor had already gone though a regeneration and has been turned into a completely new person, played by actor David Tennant (HP fans, you may recognize him as that cute but scary man who played Barty Crouch Jr. in GOF movie).

I can't wait for the second series to start again! In the words of the Doctor, I'm sure it'll be "fantastic."


Last night, the pilot episode of "Supernatural" started on Channel Ten here in Australia. It apparently is one of the greatest and most popular tv series to hit our shows from the US. I did enjoy the episode and it was scary as well.


"House" is coming back in February! Yay! I absolutely enjoyed the first season and automatically bought the boxset as soon as it was available.


When, oh when, is "Nip/Tuck" coming back on air? I am so hanging out to find out what happened to Dr. Troy after that mad, mask wearing slasher got to him.


kat said...

I did read something about David Tennant being on Doctor Who. No local channel (or not even any of the cable ones) have taken this up yet, so aside from the few clips I've seen online, I have no idea about this series.

Jennie said...

Hi Kat. I just read from the BBC Doctor Who website that America just bought the series to be shown there!

Do you have a Sci-fi channel or anything similar on cable there in Philippines? I'm sure the UK channel will show it as well.

kat said...

Lately they've been putting up all these channels. There's one that's mostly for suspense (Law and Order, Closer, CSI, etc), and there's two anime channels (one local and one Asia-wide). Usually Star World or RPN 9 shows the new series. The former is our best bet ^_^