Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Mad bird day..

The day at work ended in a freaky note...

I was left in my office alone at 7:00 pm, all of my staff had already finished for the day. I still had heaps to do - editing some documents - when all of a sudden, a big bloody bird came out of nowhere.

As any person who lives in a first world country, birds roam freely. Go down the beach and you'll be swarmed by bloody seagulls after that chip you're holding (for some odd reason, seagulls love hot chips... don't know why).

In my case, this bird just flew in my office. It probably got in when the boys in the vault opened the roller door up front. Of course, my office door was opened and it got in. It was flying around in a panic, trying to get out of the enclosed space. I think it was feeling clautrophobic or something. In its flying fury, it saw the glass window - which was closed - and tried to get out through it. Needless to say, it bumped into the glass - hard. It bumped so hard that the bird got knocked out. I thought it was dead. I got up from my desk and looked at it and as soon as I got close enough it flew out, this time, through the door.

Bloody freaky flying things! What a way to end a working day! Sheesh!

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