Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Got tagged by Vayie...

What do I have inside my bag?

This actually depends if I have the big messenger bag that I usually take with me to school, the medium sized hand bag, or the tiny little purse carrier. Basically, the items below are my essentials:

Wallet - which contains money, my ATM card, my credit cards, discount cards, membership cards, and my driver's licence.

Clinique double pressed powder - excellent for controlling facial oil.

Clinique baby soft shine lipstick and Clinique sheer shaper for lips - I don't know, but I am having such a pink summer :p

iPod mini - can never leave my music behind!

Parker pen - just in case, a pen is always handy!

Mobile phone - never leave home without it!

Car keys and house keys - I usually go around town with my car and house keys is just plain common sense :)

USB memory stick - in this day and age where everyone is carrying some portable device, this is essential

Cutex hand lotion - when one uses her hand too much, this is a must!

That's it! I am not much into make-up :p

Now, I tag Jaz, Karen Kristie, and Kat :)


Jayce Cortez Jacinto said...

Hey!The blog's got a new look.Cool!Anyway, thanks for the kind words when my Pop passed away, Jennie.

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

Nice one. I answered your tag in my blog. :)

Gj and Raquel said...

Hi Jennie, thanks for dropping by our site. We've added you in our links. Interesting blog you got here :)