Thursday, June 09, 2005

DJ Jennie in the mix?!?

I got so distracted by the plagiarizing psycho-bitch that I forgot to update you guys on how much of a great time I had at last Saturday's 80s revival bash at my friend's oh-so-posh flat in oh-so-trendy South Yarra.

If you remember, I mentioned that I will be playing the role of DJ during the said party. My friend called me again the Friday before and told me that the friend who is providing the CD mixer also has a laptop attached to the audio mixer device. I said, "Cool! Does he have iTunes loaded?" Sure enough, he does! He has a 40-gig iPod and has about 20-gig of music loaded into his laptop.

Excellent! I ended up not bringing too many CDs (around 50) and just my trusty iPod. I hooked it up to the laptop with the USB cable, edited the playlists in iTunes, and away we go!

The party was a success! I was very happy with how my outfit turned out. I was wearing a short pleated black skirt, my Cure Bloodflowers tour baby-tee, fishnet stockings, 14-hole Doc Martens, finger-less lace gloves, with my hair all spiky and sprayed with red streaks and glitter. I also had dark make-up and tainted my lips black.

And of course, I could not forget my trusty black eyeglasses.

It was amazing seeing around 30 adults swaying to the music I was playing. It was a big rush for me to see people enjoying the music I chose for them. I could not believe how much my friend trusted me on this task!

Of course, Arnie was close by. He helped me sort through CDs whenever there is a request or he'd run and get me some nibbles and drinks. He was so supportive.

There were some obscure requests from some. I could not believe that someone wanted me to play Terence Trent Darby! I have nothing against the guy, but honestly! That was not the sort of crowd I want to subject to that kind of music!

Everybody appreciated the kind of music I was playing. I played a lot of Cure, Smiths, Depeche Mode... some even howled positively when I played Siouxsie and the Banshees. That's when I thought that these people know their music... and good music at that!

I hope to do this again. My friend thanked me for my help. I thanked him for the opportunity. It was real fun! I don't know if I can do Dj-ing for a living but it is a fun job. Who knows? I'll just see where the tide takes me...

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Kiko said...

Holy fuck! I envy you!