Monday, June 06, 2005

Kill Plagiarists!!!!!

Having been a literature student in De La Salle University in Manila, I have had the priviledge and joy of making friends with few of the best writers of our time. One classmate I had whom I became really good friends with was Wanggo Gallaga. If you recognize the surname, it's because he is none other than acclaimed director Peque Gallaga's son. When we were students, Wanggo has always been known in the La Sallian community as a gifted writer. His prose and poetry is exquisite and have always managed to move me in some way, whether it may be anger, sadness, joy, love, a whole range of emotions.

If you do a Google search on Wanggo's name, heaps of search results come up. Some of these include interviews of him with regards to his published works and of course, his blog Indulgences.

I recently read an entry from Wanggo's blog. He said that there is a plagiarist amongst us lurking in the blogging community. He gave a name: drunken_angel. From what I gather, she's a 19-year old wannabe writer who is quite popular in the filipino friend finder community because of her so-called "excellent" writing.

I read a few of her entries and sure enough, a few of Wanggo's posts were posted in her blog site! Not only that, but she also posted a few of Wanggo's friends' blog entries!

Here are a few samples:

Wanggo's blog entry

drunken_angel's entry

See the date/time difference?

Here is an entry she stole from one of Wanggo's friends:

Jayce's entry

drunken_angel's entry

Again, see the date/time difference?

What's worst is that there are people who are actually defending the plagiarizing bitch!

Link to idiots 1

Link to idiots 2

The bitch actually has the gall to accuse MY friends changing the date and time on their posts making them appear to be the plagiarists? WHAT NERVE!!!

It is possible to change date and time entries with our blog entries but if I am going to be asked as to who to believe: a published author and reputable writer, or a19-year old inexperienced wannabe? You tell me...

Wanggo and I were part of a literary organization in La Salle called Malate Literary Folio. Honestly, you don't get to be part of that organization unless you have talent (except for myself... I was a fluke! hahaha!).

The title of the forum contained in the "link to idiots 2" button is "Plagiarist? Do you have any proof? Then show us!" Yeah, I plan to show them! The bitch that they're defending is nothing but an idea thief! What nerve do these people have to talk about something they clearly do not know anything about!

I just thought I'd do my part in the blogging community and warn you of this bitch wannabe. You guys might as well check if any of your work is stolen... you just never know!

The more that people know about this faker, the better! Spread the word! KILL PLAGIARISTS!!!


wanggo said...

Hey Jennie,

I took a look at the Filipino Friend Finder community and realised all the people there are not really worth fighting. These are the types of people who find a community of like minds and stay there because they know they will be accepted and safe because they are all the same. People in need of a community.

They aren't like us who look for people whom we truly relate to and who challenge us. Our community is based on people who help us grow, not people who cater to what we want to hear (as opposed to what we need to hear).

I've stated my case and done what I can to protect my blog. If push comes to shove, I can prove that those are my entries.

Take care of yourself, Jennie. I miss you! Mwah!

(And who said your membership was a fluke?! Are you still writing? Send me an e-mail with your work. Would love to read it...)


eLf ideas said...

Grrr! Plagiarists! I've also long been haunted by these bloodsuckers. But they couldn't suck me dry. They couldn't suck dry truly devoted children of the pen like us. May the burn with all their stolen documents.

May I ask if you have a brother nicknamed Datu? I heard the name from a common friend who used to study at UP-LB, in the early '90s.

wanggo said...

Hey Elf,

Yup, Datu is one of my brothers. He did study in UP-LB around that time. Who is your friend? Maybe I might know him or my brother might remember him... hehehe

Jennie said...

Hi Wanggo!

I know that I shouldn't get riled up by pathetic losers like this "child." I just do not like people who steal other's thoughts and hard work is all. I'm trying to do my part in the blogging community and warn other users of people like her.

I'll find some of my stuff and email it to you if I can. It's all in long hand... I'm such an old-school writer! hehehe


I agree! BURN! BURN! BURN!

vayie said...

Just wanna ask. You're from DLSU...What batch and what course? Thanks! ;)

Jennie said...

Hi Vayie!

Yep, DLSU batch 95 AB Literature and Japanese Studies ^_^

kat said...

Any smart person (or least one with a functioning brain) would be silly to believe her over Wanggo (naks! First name basis na kami! Hehe). I checked the links and I am very frustrated about this. I'm not that talented, but I won't stoop to passing off someone's work as my own. I believe that the bad things she does will fall back on her.

Lam mo ba that I was supposed to go to DLSU with that same course? Couldn't afford the tuition though, so I went to UP Baguio. Hehe.

Jennie said...

Hey Kat! I'm sure Mr. Gallaga wouldn't mind if you called him by his first name. Unlike other people in the industry, he does not have a gerkin stuck up his arse :p.

Nothing wrong with UP Baguio either. It's a branch of the state university dude! \m/

nikkerbockers said...

Hey Jennie,

Came across your blog from Wanggo's, in fact I'm sure we may have crossed paths in college (Michelle Pascual's forever sidekick ;)

Well, let me tell you I got riled up myself for such underhanded thievery (as if there is any other kind. hehe), and i found a way to "get back" at drunken_angel.

Apparently the Filipino blog site she's a part of holds office here in San Francisco. So I told my journalist friend about what had happened to Wangs, who in turn did his own investigation. And when he had enough proof that drunken_angel did in fact pagiarize all those entries, he wrote out a formal letter to the Site against her, and reported all her actions.

Now I honestly don't know how far that will go, but atleast now the site knows.

Now I sure as hell am not going to dignify that woman's actions by giving her all that web traffic, so I've stopped checking her blog. Hopefully the Admin will pick up from here and boot her out or somethin...

Wow, talk about a long post. Sorry bout that ;)

eLf ideas said...

Hihi. Now that you confirmed Datu being a brother of yours, I'm now certain that Datu very well knows the friend (actually, a girl) to whom I was referring. Hihi, her name is Michelle Rufo, a very dear friend of mine back when she was in highschool while I in College, late '80s. Whew! How time flew! And how small the world really is! Nice connecting with you, fellow child of the pen.