Thursday, June 02, 2005

It's none of your business...

Rant Alert!!! Lots of profanity... you have been warned!

I just want to share something with you guys that made my blood boil with so much anger and disbelief.

A friend of mine has been separated from his wife for a few months now. They have a couple of kids who are so smart and adorable. At first, it was a whole case of why she left him, the reasons behind it, etc, etc.

Turns out that wife is/has:

1. A drug addict. She continuously smokes marijuana and according to my friend, refuses to have sex unless she has smoked weed (what a blow to a man's ego!)

2. A gambler. She has stolen some of my friend's jewellery and pawned them for the money and gambled it away.

3. A sister who is a known drug addict and pusher. She even offered marijuana when the wife was 8 months pregnant! She also boasts that all of her 4 children (with different men for each child, mind you) are marijuana babies!

4. A mother who is an addicted gambler. She was known to have stolen her son-in-law's (another daughter's husband) life savings and gambled it all.

5. A crook. She works as a nurse and has stolen prescription drugs. Aside from the marijuana, she takes amphetamines and anti-depressants.

6. Gone bankrupt because of her gambling problem.

And then, the biggest revelation of them all... My friend was quite ready to reconcile given the circumstances until he heard this:

Daughter revealed that she was sexually molested not only by the wife, but also by the drug-addict sister and the mum!!!

When I heard this, I was like, "What the fuck?"

Not only that, apparently the younger daughter has also been molested.

Jesus suffering fuck! This is the kind of thing that one usually watches on telly, in my case this is like an episode of "Law and Order: SVU" come to life!

Now, this made my blood boil... but there is something else that made me want to commit murder.

My friend and the wife used to attend this religious group (I decided not to write the group's name out of fairness to decent people who are part of these groups) back when everything was still okay. When the separation thing was blown out of proportion (the wife claimed that my friend was "violent"...yeah right!), my friend's blood cousin thought it was her God-given right to email him and be all high and mighty! Email contains biblical passages about anger, that anger brings you closer to the devil, etc, etc. basically condemning stuff. This is coming from a person who is his own flesh and blood, and who does not even know the whole story!

Now, I just heard from him and he said that he received another email. This time it came from the leader of the group (whatever that means!). Here in Australia, child molestation charges are brought to the court not by the parents, but by the police themselves. The police interviewed my friend's daughter and they do not have a doubt in their minds that she was telling them the truth. If the police decide to prosecute, no amount of begging will make them drop the charges.

Anyway, the email basically asked my friend to drop the charges because he will just make the children suffer. Jesus bloody Christ! Make the child suffer? How about what that fucking bitch did to her OWN daughter? Didn't they think about that? Religious people my arse!

Sometimes, it just made me wonder where some people are when God was handing out the brains.

I have got nothing against people who are part of these religious organizations. When I was young, I used to be part of a religious organization and I loved the people that I became friends with. It's just these particular people who think that they are above the law and that they have every right to barge into other people's business. What really gets me is the fact that the mother told EVERYBODY in the group about the molestation charges! Now, the poor kid's privacy is up shit creek!

If these people ever chance upon my blog (which I doubt because they are all fucking STUPID anyway), here is my message to you:


Whew... thanks for letting me get that out of my system, guys!


Kiko said...



OMFG.. I was about to write about some rant shit in my blog but this.. this definitely blows everything away. I really feel sorry for those kids.. whenever it comes to mind that the people who molested them are the last people on green earth you'd think.. then she had the intelligence of telling the whole group??!! That religious group is lucky that she's an addict, if not, hehehe that's a real downer for the group (if it isn't already that).

I hope the kids are okay.

eLf ideas said...

Scream it all out!!! We, with the same sentiments, are listening. Fvck people like that! Oh, reminded me of my boiling hatred for a few relatives. Grrr.

Jennie said...

Thanks guys. I really needed to get it out of my system. Those fuckheads (the wife and that religious group) could all die and go to hell for all I care!