Friday, June 03, 2005

I'm a happy camper...

Great Friday!

Reasons why:

1. Took the day off with Arnie. Slept over his place the night before.

2. Last day of school but no lectures were done. Just handed in the last assignment

3. Stocktake sales across the city! EVERYTHING is on sale!

4. Had a bit of a headache because of the droves of people around the city, going to and fro shops but the headache disappeared as soon as I started buying stuff.

5. I receive weekly wages, thank God!

6. Bought the following items:
a. Gray and white cap (perfect for the cold winter days and nights... rather trendy too!)
b. Polo Ralph Lauren coat (50% off and it's new season stock!!!)
c. Country Road black leather boots (30% off!)
d. matching Sportsgirl scarf and beanie (not on sale, but it was cute and cheap!)
e. Burberry scarf (well, didn't buy it outright. It was too bloody expensive so I've put it on lay-by (or lay-away as Americans know it). I'll have the scarf on my pretty little hands in a couple of weeks! Yay!

Alright, I'm all shopped out. I probably won't be buying anything for the next few months... unless I see a really neat Argyle jumper I've been wanting to get my hands on!

Party tomorrow night. I have my playlist all done, all my CDs sorted, and my outfit all ready!

Till tomorrow...

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