Friday, June 24, 2005

The look of love?

Had a hearty Mexican dinner with Arnie after work. We headed off to Max Brenner's for an after-dinner chocolate treat. In my case, I'm just addicted to their Mexican Spicy Chocolate. We were sitting next to an Australian couple who were rather taken by each other. In my typical cheeky fashion, I said to Arnie in my native tongue:

Looks like someone's getting some tonight.

Of course, he laughed. Then he asked also in the native tongue:

Was he giving the girl "the look"?

I said, "Yes, he was. He's going to get lucky."

You may ask, "what is 'the look'?"

I guess everybody who has been in a relationship has been guilty of giving "the look." I know that I am. Of course at the time when this whole conversation was taking place, I conveniently forgot. So I asked Arnie, "Do we still give each other that look?"

He looked at me and said, "Yes, we do. Many times."

I didn't believe him. I thought we have fallen into that stage of our relationship where we are very comfortable with each other and we don't feel the need to resort to being all "touchy-feely." Then when we were walking to where our cars were parked, hand in hand, with the winter chill in the air, I looked at him. I still see the man I fell in love with 4 years ago. I love him even more now if that's believable. He looked at me and said, "See? 'The look' is still there."

Then we kissed, underneath the stars, along the busy streets, with heaps of people witness to this public display of affection.

The look of love? I can't get enough of it. I guess underneath this exterior of praticality and self-assuredness, I am a romantic at heart. Arnie was right. "The look" is still there because we want it to be there. We don't want to let of that intoxicating feeling, the constant touching, fleeting glances and stolen kisses. It makes us love each other even more.

Sigh... I am so in love with Arnie. I can't wait to be his wife...


Kiko said...

Hey that photo collage of you and Arnie is really super! Marry him already! hehehe

Jennie said...

I'm just waiting for him to formally propose ^_^

Anonymous said...

god knows?