Saturday, June 25, 2005

Naughty survey

Scrounged this from blog friend Vayie. I'm in a rather naughty mood today. I'm also bored. I won't be going out till late tonight. Some goth club that my friends wanted to go to...

Anyway, on with the Q & A!

5 Places you wanted to “GET IT ON”:

The places I have not tried and want to try?

1. Kitchen
2. Car Garage
3. Backyard
4. Office desk (mine anyway :p)
5. Bonnet of car

(Exhibitionist? ahaha!)

5 Celebrities you fantasize doing “it” with:

1. Roland Orzabal
2. David Duchovny
3. Colin Firth
4. Orlando Bloom
5. Robert Smith (in his hay days. Such a good looking man!)

Your sexual fantasy:

- Something that involves a lot of water, chocolate, and candles... think about it :p

Did you lose your virginity to some Jerk, Mr. Wrong?

- Yes, and boy do I regret it!

Favorite Part of A Man’s Body:

- bum, chest, hands.

What is your view on Pre-Marital Sex?

- nothing wrong with "trying before you buy" :p

Favorite Position:

- do you really want to know this? hahaha

Last Sexual Encounter:

- a week ago :p

What is your view on SEX?

- It's a great thing to be enjoyed. It helps that you do it with someone you care for, but that's just my point of view.

Where is your erogenous zone?

- I am very sensitive :p

What makes a guy really sexy?

- intelligence, sensitivity and a great sense of humour. It helps if he known what to do in bed as well :p

Have you met him already?

- definitely!

Do you sometimes pick a fight hoping for a fantastic make-up session afterwards?

- Why should I? Our making out sessions are always fantastic regardless! hahaha!

When you kiss where do your hands go?

- his hair, his back, his chest... depends on my mood :p

Wackiest place you’ve ever made out?

- In a bus with the stupid ex... hahaha!


vayie said...

Jennie...Naughty, Naughty!

I appreciate the honesty, though. =)

Kiko said...

In the bus!?! Awesome!

Jennie said...

Haha... as Vayie said, Naughty! :p